Yes you’ve read the headline correctly, it really is possible to mix the board game ‘Cluedo’ with ‘Game of Thrones.’ The murders are a bit more gruesome in the latter and there’s no sign of Professor Plum either.

SkyBet have a market where you can name one Game of Thrones character to kill another. You also have to guess how the evil deed is carried out and where it will happen.

Will Arya Stark Finally Kill The Hound?

If there’s one character who has developed brilliantly during this epic series, it’s Arya Stark. With her trusted and deadly sword ‘Needle’, Arya is someone you don’t want to get on the wrong side of.

Ever since season one she’s made an enemy of ‘The Hound.’ He killed her friend Mycah and later kidnapped her. We all thought he’d been killed by Brienne but he made his return and is still on Arya’s list of people to kill. There are odds of 14/1 (15.0) that she’ll use ‘Needle’ to kill him at Winterfell.

The End of Cersei

The writers would be forced to do a walk of shame if they don’t kill Cersei off and in a gruesome way. A leading contender to do the deed is Daenerys Targaryen. She believes the Iron Throne should be hers and won’t be happy when Cersei’s promised help doesn’t materialize.

The last thing you want to do is upset a woman who has some dragons. She may be one down but it only takes one dragon to burn your arch-enemy to death. It’s 14/1 (15.0) that Daenerys makes it to the Throne Room at Kings Landing and uses a dragon to murder Cersei. That’s if she survives herself of course.

Death by Dragon

After a dramatic battle in the last series (which feels so long ago), the Night King has his own dragon. Viserion used to belong to Daenerys but was killed by the White Walkers and then revived to serve them. It’d be ironic if the mother of dragons was killed by Viserion in a snowy field. The odds of that happening are 33/1 (34.0) at SkyBet.

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