Finding the winner of the Best Picture Oscar is a puzzle that fascinates many punters each year, and even at this early stage, with the 2020 Academy Awards ceremony still ten months away, bookmakers have been busy pricing up all the possible contenders for the Best Picture betting market.

Trying to weigh up the Oscars credentials of a wide and diverse field of possible winners, most of which have yet to be released, is not an easy task, but it is slightly easier in the case of the handful of movies that have seen the light of day. 

One movie that has already run the gauntlet of public and critical approval is Glassstarring Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Willis and James McAvoy. The third and final instalment of the Unbreakable trilogy, which began with the original movie in 2000 and was followed by a second sequel, Split, in 2016, it features a more prominent role for Willis’ character, David Dunn, who was the star of the original movie. It also features the return of James McAvoy’s character from Split.

The movie was released in January and was a box office success, grossing $246.9 million, but proved less of a hit with critics, who gave it mixed reviews, a factor which helps to explain why bookmaker Paddy Power have given the movie odds of 100/1 in the Best Picture betting; the same price that they have quoted for unlikely Oscars contender Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

And even if the movie undergoes an unlikely and dramatic critical reappraisal in the next few months, it is up against some significant opposition. The top of this market features a number of heavyweights, including Martin Scorcese, whose labour of love The Irishman is the current 3/1 favourite; Steven Soderbergh who has a 4/1 contender with The Laundromat and Quentin Tarantino’s star-studded take on the Manson murders, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (6/1).  

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