The online gambling industry has become ultra-competitive in recent years. New sites appear out of nowhere all the time and they all do their very best to tempt new members into joining their sites. But is it always good business for the potential customers?

You can’t switch a sports channel on or watch late-night television without seeing one betting-related advertisement after another. It’s a seemingly endless stream of sign-up offers and it’s the same on the radio too. All those advertisements that end with someone talking their way through the terms and conditions at 100mph.

How High?

When the hook does eventually catch the fish, the sign-up offers aren’t always that appealing. Time to mention the dreaded words ‘wagering requirements.’  Casino and Bingo sites absolutely love these and they can be a right pain.

Some sites keep the wagering requirements down to a reasonable amount such as 2x or 4x but sometimes they can be as high as 65x.  It’s so important that you read the terms and conditions of such offers.

Is that wagering requirement simply based on the bonus you receive? Often it is but then there’s the times when the wagering requirement is based on the sum of the deposit made and the bonus received. That means the amount you must wager can reach even higher levels.

Terms and Conditions Aplenty

Then there’s the question of the question of how you satisfy that wagering requirement. Often different kinds of games have differing contributions towards the wagering requirement target. You can often find yourself stuck playing slot games to reach that target.

Free spins being awarded is another problem with limits on how much can be withdrawn. Yes, you might get 500 free spins and be lucky enough to get lots of wins, but that cap on winnings means you can’t withdraw all that you win.  

So next time you sign -up with a site, make sure the offer is as good as it looks because often it isn’t.

Published by Steve Ashfield

Steve is a self-employed freelance writer with years of experience writing about everything from sport to politics. He loves his statistics and quotes them at every opportunity.

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