Speculation is rampant that the New Orleans Pelicans will leave for greener pastures before the 2020-21 NBA season. Where do online bookmakers (and the betting public) see the franchise as most likely to relocate?

Bovada Sportsbook has posted a futures betting line for the truly patient gambler, asking her to choose which American city will be next to welcome a new NBA team…should the Pelicans choose to move after all.

Only there’s a catch. They’re not all U.S. cities.

Mexico City, Mexico is well in the running at 4/1 payoff futures odds. It isn’t as though the NBA isn’t an international organization already, with a franchise in Toronto and players representing Team USA at every opportunity. Mexico enjoys growing fan interest in the NBA which should only continue to expand with the free-agent signing of LeBron James as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Mexico City was brought up by the Washington Post as early as 10 months ago as a possible destination for the club.

Other possible destinations with short odds include Seattle (3/1), Las Vegas (4/1), and Vancouver (7/2). Orange County, CA is an intriguing contender at 3/1 futures odds. However, there are no mainstream news stories suggesting that a working deal is in place to bring yet another NBA team to SoCal.

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