There are many different aspects to the Brexit situation which dominates British politics at the moment. Trust Paddy Power to have their eye on the ball and offer a multitude of odds on subjects you never thought were linked with the dreaded B word.

Of course, we’ve all heard about the backstop, not that we remember it being mentioned during the referendum campaign. It threatens a no-deal exit from the EU and Paddy Power must have spent ages or at least a lunch break working out the implications of that happening.

A Shock Return

One of the strangest bets is on whether the UK will apply to re-join the EU before 2027. Scarily their odds are 5/6 on that happening, so think of that next time you’re sick of hearing about us leaving the EU. 

Sterling v Euro is nothing to do with the Manchester City player but the financial markets. The pound has been struggling against the Euro and it’s only 3/1 that £1 equals €1 at some point this year.

No Eurovision?

There are several events that UK residents dread every year. There’s Strictly Come Dancing for a start and anything with Gemma Collins or Piers Morgan in it. Then there’s the Eurovision Song Contest and it’s only 11/1 that the UK doesn’t take part in the ‘song’ contest this year. We can but hope can’t we!

It’s 50/1 that the PDC World Darts Championship doesn’t take place in the UK this year due to Brexit. Of course, this would lead to darts fans dressed as everything from Captain America to a nun making their way into Europe which is another good reason to sort out a deal right away.

More seriously, there’s the fear that a no-deal exit could lead to shortages. Thankfully it’s 150/1 that the first food item to be rationed in 2019 will be Mars bars. Hold tight, it could be a mad year ahead.

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