The political world seems full of turmoil at the moment wherever you live. Whether it’s Brexit, nuclear missiles or party splits, nothing seems that stable in 2019 and with little sign of any imminent solutions.

However, politics can still be fun and not just when looking at the latest hairstyles of certain politicians. The bookies have some crazy odds on President Trump, so let’s take a look at what is on offer.

The Gold House

The White House has been the residence for US Presidents since 1800 but could that change soon? There aren’t odds on President Trump moving to Trump Towers but perhaps he might get his paint brush out. Believe it or not but Paddy Power actually have odds of 500/1 (501.0) on the exterior of the White House being painted gold during Trump’s time as President. Gold might be a nice colour for a wall too perhaps?

Excommunication or Impeachment?

After the statements made by Michael Cohen, there’s more talk of the President being impeached. Trump is 2/1 at Bet365 to be impeached in his first term but there could be even harsher action taken against the President.

It’s only 33/1 (34.0) at Paddy Power that Trump is excommunicated by the Pope. Why would that happen? Well, perhaps the President might come out and deny the existence of God. The same bookies have odds of just 20/1 (21.0) that he does that. If he is excommunicated, then another Paddy Power betting market may come into play. It’s just 150/1 (151.0) that the President shocks everyone by converting to Islam and 25/1 (26.0) to Scientology.

Time for a Holiday

When the President isn’t making what are often insulting tweets, he’s on the golf course. He needs a holiday though because it must be stressful causing so much havoc. It’s 125/1 (126.0) that Trump takes a holiday with President Putin during his first term.

Give Us Back Our Statue

President Trump hasn’t exactly established a friendly relationship with France’s President Macron. Could that lead to problems between the two nations? Paddy Power have odds of 200/1 (201.0) on France asking the USA to return the Statue of Liberty! The fear is of course that Trump would just replace it with a statue of himself.

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