A panel appointed to investigate the issue of integrity in tennis has produced its final report, which contains a series of reform proposals.  

The sport’s Independent Review Panel (IRP) today published its findings on betting related-integrity matters and potential protections after a two year study. Commissioned by all of the leading tennis governing bodies, including the ATP, WTA and ITF, the study was conducted by Adam Lewis, a UK sports QC, and supported by US attorney Beth Wilkinson and Swiss Judge Marc Henzelin. 

In April, the IRP produced an interim report that highlighted a range of concerns linked to the relationship between tennis and betting, and that concluded that corruption had become a significant problem for the game’s lower levels. That interim report also urged governing bodies to take drastic measures to reform and restructure a number of elements including ranking systems, athlete accreditations, tournament rules and education programmes.  

Since then, IRP has been consulted with both tennis and betting stakeholders to finalise its report, which makes a series of final recommendations.  

The recommendations are provided in a package of twelve measures that the IRP hopes will be able to strengthen the sport against corruption. They include a series of recommendations on data management within the sport, such as giving the existing Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) more power to monitor betting markets, controlling the supply of live tennis scoring data, particularly at the lower levels of eth sport, and imposing mandatory integrity obligations in all contracts with betting operators and data supplies going forward.   

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