Australian betting group Tabcorp Holdings has turned to artificial intelligence in order to help it tackle problem gambling and enforce more socially responsible policies.  

In releasing its Corporate Responsibility Review today, the group announced that it had already rolled out predictive risk analytics technology to help it analyse the betting behaviour of individual customers and to keep a track of betting patterns that might indicate potential addiction.  

The review released this week covers the year from July 1, 2017 to June 30 2018 and includes a period of six and a half months’ worth of data from Tatts Group Limited, after the merger between the companies that took place last December.  

In the detail of the review, Tabcorp emphasised their decision to focus on social responsibility measures in 2018, though they admit that, while their new policies have met with some success, they and the industry as a whole have more work to do in the fight against problem gambling.  

The list of actions the company has taken to tackle gambling-related harm includes education initiatives and programs, self-exclusion tools and research. But the company has also used artificial intelligence to analyse how customers are betting and to provide early warning of problems.  

Next year the company says that it will be introducing an expansion of its self-exclusion technology, and the ability for customers to set weekly deposit and spend limits. They also say that retail staff in its more than 9000 shops will be given further training in recognising addictive behaviour. 

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