Sportsbooks can take weeks putting out proposition markets for a big game. But by Tuesday, the biggest betting sites in the world had already kick-started “prop” action for Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, with dozens of gambling options for the L.A. vs New England showdown on February 3rd.  

There are many articles on the funniest prop bets, such as wagers on Gladys Knight’s game-day outfit, and on whether the singer will take more or less than 105 seconds to belt out “The Star Spangled Banner.” 

Betting Reporter need not contribute to that genre. However, we thought we would highlight a few prop markets that literally make no sense – propositions that only a bookie could think of and only a junkie would gamble on. Here’s just a few of the money pits.  

Coin Toss (Heads or Tails: (-105))  

The great appeal of sports gambling is that it is like playing the stock market, except it’s much more fun to stare at your shares (athletes) in action. It is not a game of chance like roulette or slot machines.  

So why is the coin toss, an event of total chance, such a time-honored prop bet?  

Some bettors like to wager on the toss for good luck. Others like to feel like they’re “getting in on the action” as early as possible. In any case, betting sites often reduce the “vig” to 5% of coin-toss bets…perhaps an act of mercy toward gamblers who think they can call it.  

Will any Scoring Drive Take Less Time Than it Takes Gladys Knight to Sing the National Anthem? (Yes/No (-120)  

If she happens to sing the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th verses, we’ll go with “Yes” and hope that No-Doz is the first commercial shown on TV.  

How Many Commercials Will RuDuring the Super Bowl? (O/U (96)) 

This is essentially a bet on “total plays run” or “total possession changes,” but presumably the tracking of neither excites Super Bowl gamblers quite as much as counting the TV ads.  

Ad Wars 

Bovada Sportsbook is asking gamers to decide which TV ad will appear first between pairs of warring commercial time-buyers. For instance, Coke is the favorite to run an ad (-170) before Pepsi does (+130). Doritos (-155) is up against Pringles (+115) while Avocados from Mexico and Planters are in a toss-up deadlock. We’re sad not to see a Skittles prop given the company’s “Katie, Katie, Katie” Super Bowl ad brilliance in 2017. 

Color of Liquid Poured on the Game Winning Coach (Odds-on Favorite: Lime/Green/Yellow (+225)) 

Gatorade which is poured on the victorious coach will most likely be whatever the players did not drink heartily during the contest, making it a nice full shower. Fans who have intimate knowledge of players’ in-game Gatorade flavor-choice habits are encouraged to bet this prop and seek professional counseling in that order.  

How Many Songs will be Played During the Halftime Show? (O/U (7.5))  

This Maroon 5 halftime prop is also vulnerable to “insider trading.” What if someone with a betting account knows the production team? Plus, there are a lot of medleys played at the Super Bowl. Bookies and clients may argue over the win/loss decision if the band briefly quotes several songs during a jam.  

What we do know is that musicians tend to perform at the Super Bowl like it’s a race to fit in as much of their repertoire as possible before time runs out.  

Kind of like Bill Belichick and Tom Brady calling plays.  

Image from Pixabay.

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