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Sportsbook Posts Prop Odds for Trump-Kim Summit in Vietnam

When President Richard Nixon visited China in the 1970s, were there proposition odds on the outcome? Maybe there was an Over/Under line on the number of times Nixon would tell the media about the “poorest lemon ranch in California.”

Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, is in a similar scenario in 2019. Trump is a right-wing Republican POTUS just like old Tricky Dick. But he’s tacking left of almost everyone in Washington with the bold step of meeting North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un for the pair’s first summit of the new year.

Few sportsbooks or exchanges are offering betting markets on the event in Vietnam, which begins with Trump’s arrival on Tuesday and will continue with one-on-one talks Wednesday. But the bookmaker that did handicap the summit meeting, BetDSI, has gone all-out with a bundle of prop markets on 45 and Kim.

Here’s just a sample of the BetDSI odds, along with our thoughts.

Will North Korea Announce Intention to Abandon Nuclear Program After the Summit?

Action is strongly tilted toward “no” at 1/100 as London is skeptical that any real change will come about due to the talks. A “yes” winner pays off at 25/1, but the Chairman must agree to denuclearize by March 8th.

Will North Korea Announce an End to Nuclear Testing After the Summit?

Gamblers are skeptical of incremental progress in disarming the DPRK, but not by as overwhelming a margin as “yes” is 2/1 while “no” only pays off a pittance at 2/7.

Will President Trump Tweet “North Korea” or “Kim Jong-un” on March 1st?

Finally a slight show of confidence in American-Korean diplomacy! It’s 50/1 that the summit will go well enough to prompt Trump to tweet a recap on Thursday. But a low-risk/high-reward market is comprised of gamblers who think it could all go badly wrong – and force The Donald to deflect – at 17/2.

Will Trump Say “Vietnam War” in a Tweet or Public Statement by March 2nd?

The 7/2 payoff line on “yes” for this prop looks like the best wager on the board. Trump doesn’t like to miss opportunities to remember brave warriors and wars of the past. It’s can’t miss PR.

The statement probably won’t come during the summit, however, as no mention of U.S. vs communist “war” is going to help persuade Kim to draw down his nuclear presence.

Will the President Bring Fast Food to the Summit?

This one appears to be trolling Trump – and college football fans – by alluding to the commander-in-chief serving McDonalds to the national champion Clemson Tigers in January.

If Trump introduces Kim to the Whopper or any such similar hi-jinks, the payoff line is a whopping 10/1. A “no” winner pays off only 1/50.

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