Season ticket holders of the New Orleans Saints tried their own “Hail Mary” in court over the past few days, in a desperate bid to successful sue the NFL to “re-do” the 2018-19 NFC Championship Game in the Big Easy..

In a close contest filled with no-calls on potential pass interference, the Los Angeles Rams were given the upper hand late in the 4th quarter when defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman targeted New Orleans receiver Tommylee Lewis with a vicious blow well before Drew Brees’ pass reached the pair.

The visiting Rams went on to win 26-23 and reach Super Bowl LIII.

Multiple groups of Saints fans have filed lawsuits against the NFL over the result of the NFC Championship Game, with the latest attempting to force Roger Goodell to order a “re-do” of the Saints-Rams battle before the Super Bowl takes place in Atlanta.

It would be a tall order logistically. The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and the Rams’ front-office would simply file its own appeals if a judge did order the NFL to do the impossible and somehow replay the game.

In any case, a judge on Thursday afternoon struck down the lawsuit in a follow-up “bonus” win of sorts for the L.A. Rams.

Here’s just a sample of the reactions from Twitter, beginning with incensed political pundit David Axelrod:

Some Big Easy fans are just counting the votes it will take to remove Goodell…

…while others think it’s all worse than watching Fox News and CNN in 2016.

Even the most die-hard of Saints fans ultimately knew that the NFL could not be forced to replay the game. However, the political comparison is a valid one. Just as members of a political party attempt to invalidate the victories of the opposing party, New Orleans is using the lawsuits to validate a “win” that was taken away. Alexrod’s comments are typical of Saints fan sentiment, but remember that every team “shoulda” advanced in the playoffs if only it wasn’t for bad breaks and unfavorable calls.

Elsewhere on social media, YouTube user “the Annuity Slayer” seems to be using the Saul Alinsky tactic, accusing the Saints of cheating as opposed to the Rams. “Saints should have been penalized for their fans blowing referee whistles when the Rams had the ball,” he writes. “Poetic justice that they lost.”

The social media user quoted above wasn’t the only one to notice some artificially-loud whistling between plays at the Superdome during the fateful battle.

Photo from YouTube.

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