Winning a huge lottery prize is a dream that we all have. Our lives will change forever, but there’s a big question that must be answered for that new life. Do you remain anonymous or let everyone know about your massive windfall?

Two Different Reactions

2019 has already see two big winners and they’ve reacted in different ways after learning they’ve become lottery millionaires. The winner of a $107m Australian Powerball jackpot has decided to just make a few quotes to keep the journalists happy but remain anonymous.  Lottery spokesperson Matt Hart says that’s common as winners “don’t want to be viewed differently by friends and family” plus Australians “don’t want to be seen as flashy.” Just how the winner will keep her massive win secret remains to be seen.

On the very first day of the year the £114.9m EuroMillions jackpot was won. Soon after, we discovered the winning ticket was sold in Northern Ireland and just days later Frances and Patrick Connolly saw their names splashed all over the papers.

No anonymity for this couple as they told the press how they learned of their win and plan to help fifty others with their windfall. By refusing anonymity, their lives and those of their relatives will likely become an endless soap opera.

Begging and Scamming

Begging letters will be on their way to the couple, though the National Lottery advisors will take care of them. It brings back memories of an episode of ‘Hancock’s Half Hour’ where Tony declares “I don’t want any publicity. Get too many begging letters. If they’re anything like the ones I send out, I don’t wanna know!”

A darker side is the problem with scammers who send out emails claiming to be lottery winners. That’s already started with this couple with promises of help but with administration fees to be paid.

It will be interesting to see just how this couple react to the years of scrutiny that the press will now put them under.

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