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Responsible Gaming

Bettingreporter.com is committed to the principles of responsible gaming and encourages all users to play smart and make informed decisions. Gaming is a source of entertainment for millions of people around the globe, but players need to monitor their limits and play within them. We adhere to the following principles of responsible gaming:

  • Gambling is a pastime, not a means of income production
  • Gambling should be interspersed with other recreational activities
  • Online gambling sites must take all necessary measures to prohibit access by underaged users
  • Online gambling sites must take all necessary measures to establish a secure online environment that protects personal information and data from unauthorised access
  • Responsible gaming sites should provide self-imposed limits on time and expenditures, allowing users to monitor their play

Responsible gaming is a shared responsibility and nothing on bettingreporter.com infers, suggests or encourages users to bet beyond their means or expect any form of return on their gaming expenditure.  

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