It always seems to look that no one wants Donald Trump to be the President of the USA. He has critics all over the place and next year faces having to win another election to stay in the White House. If he’s so hated, why is he favourite to win that election?

Trump is currently the 2/1 (3.0) favourite to win the 2020 Election and earn a final four more years in the White House. That’s despite only having a 41% approval rating.

Weak Opposition in Republican Party

Firstly, Trump has to win the Republican nomination but that doesn’t appear to be something he has anything to worry about. Even though there are plenty in his party who don’t agree with his policies, Trump is 4/9 (1.44) at Bet365 to be the Republican candidate in next year’s election and that looks a great bet. Next in the market is current Vice-President Mike Pence who’s 14/1 (15.0) at Betfred.

American politics is so different from that in the UK. There’s no official leader of the opposition who can regularly debate and criticize Trump. It won’t be until early 2020 that we even discover who will stand for the Democrats in the election.

Another Female Opponent?

It’s a fairly open market as to who will become their candidate. No one is really standing out at present with Kamala Harris currently topping the market with odds of 10/3 (4.33) at Paddy Power. The Californian senator would become the first female US President if successful next year and is 6/1 (7.0) at Betway to win the election.

Another female candidate is Senator Amy Klobuchar who’s 10/1 (11.0) at Paddy Power. Former Vice President Joe Biden is as short as 7/2 (4.5) at William Hill to become the Democratic candidate but has yet to confirm if he’ll be running. Bernie Sanders is running again but he’s 77, surely that’s too old.

Trump isn’t popular but he knows how to run a campaign, especially a dirty one. He will point out that the American economy has performed well since he took power, while ignoring the US debt of over $6 trillion. He’ll spend plenty of time criticizing the Democrats for blocking his policies.

Out of the previous five American Presidents, only George Bush Snr failed to win a second term. Trump may not be popular but when push comes to shove, the chances look good that he’ll win another term.

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