During the 1948-49 season Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Newcastle United in the FA Cup final 3-1. They won it again in 1959-60 beating Blackburn Rovers 3-0. Now, in the 2018-19 with another 9 in the season year, the crystal ball has spun and come up with Wolverhampton Wanderers name on the famous old trophy. In the last round, when Leicester City got the nod, the Claude Puel factor hadn’t been taken into account. He didn’t understand that he could have joined an elite French club with two other French managers who’d won the trophy. Arsène Wenger, who won it 6 times, and Gérard Houllier with his 1 win. Puel, who said he understood all about the FA Cup’s tradition, and that he would respect it, clearly didn’t and Leicester went down at Newport.

The Magic Of The FA Cup?

During the last 20 years, with the emergence of the Barclays Premier League and more focus on the UEFA Champions League the old FA Cup, that stretches right back to 1872 when a team called the Wanderers beat the Royal engineers 1-0, might have lost some of its magic. Another reason could be that the same old teams keep winning it. The Premier League big boys! Chelsea and Arsenal both 6 times each, Manchester United 3, Liverpool 2, and Manchester City 1. Two teams did buck the trend. Portsmouth, back in 2007-8, beat Cardiff 1-0 to give Harry Redknapp his only major trophy. Although he followed that up last year when he won I’m a Celebrity! Wigan beat Manchester City 1-0 in 2013 but they were also relegated from the Premier League that season.

Nuno Espírito Santo

Nuno Espírito Santo is not what it sounds like, an expensive bottle of Champagne, he’s Wolverhampton Wanderers manager who will be 45 on Friday. He’s from called São Tomé and Príncipe which gained independence from Portugal in 1975. 

Nuno, who received a red card for diving into his teams huddle after their late winner against Leicester last week, heads with his team to the Montgomery Waters Meadow stadium for an away clash against league 1 side Shrewsbury Town on Saturday. Shrewsbury are sat in 18th place in League 1 which means they’re 54 places below Nuno’s team. Surely Nuno, won’t do a Puel, and hand the game to Shrewsbury on a plate!  

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Marc has been writing sports reports for newspapers and magazines for 15 years and is the writer of British sporting legend Brian Jacks award winning autobiography. Brian Jacks the Mindset of a Champion.

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