The state of Nevada has set a new sports betting record, just two months after breaking the previous record, as the US sports betting industry continues to boom.  

The combined win of sports books in the stage during November almost tripled to $27.1m, according to figures released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, which also showed that sports betting operations in the state took $592m in sports bets during the course of the month, a significant increase on the $571m record figure that was set in September.  

A closer look at the figures showed where the money was spent. According to reporting by Legal Sports Report, 63.3 per cent of bets made at sportsbooks in Nevada were on football. Basketball made up just over a quarter of the revenue take, with baseball accounting for two per cent. Parlay bets were 1.9 per cent of the total, and the remaining 7.1 per cent was taken up with ‘other’ bets. 

The figures show that although the sports betting industry was effectively legalized throughout the US by the Supreme Court decision of May 2018, Nevada – where sports betting was already legal – still has a huge lead on other state. In the same month that the Silver State took $592m in sports betting revenue, New Jersey recorded a figure of $330m, followed by Mississippi at $45m, Delaware at $16m, West Virginia with $12m and Pennsylvania at $1.4m. In total, the national figure for sports betting revenue in November was just short of $1bn.

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