The verdict was delivered at the magistrates court on Tuesday following an incident involving the 26-year-old jockey on February 2nd, 2018 when he crashed an Audi A4 before walking for two miles to a friend’s house, where it is said he was given rum to calm him down.

The incident happened in Dumbleton, Gloucestershire while Moore was based with trainer Jonjo O’Neill, though he has since moved to County Meath in Ireland.

Having discovered the car and arrived at Moore’s friend’s house, police breathalysed the rider and arrested him having found him to have 59 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, exceeding the 35 microgrammes allowed under law.

His friend told the court that Moore did not appear drunk when arriving at her rented cottage and that he was only at that point given alcohol to help cope with the shock of the accident. Moore himself declared that he’d had one pint of lager only before crashing his car.

Being that it cannot be proven that Moore did not exceed the limit only after the incident and that doctors have deemed the amount drunk before the crash does not constitute an offence, the rider was found not guilty.

The timing is perhaps not great with this incident given that in recent times other jump jockeys have fallen foul of the law, perhaps further damaging the sport’s reputation with some casual viewers.

Again at Cheltenham, rider Charlie Deutsch was pulled over in an Audi back in March and took six tries before being able to give a breathalyser sample before getting back into his car and speeding off. He was chased and found to be over the limit, being jailed in the end for 10 months. 

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