It’s the time of year to give and receive Valentines, and lovers around the world are exchanging flowers, chocolates, and smooches. Everyone is sunny and cheerful and bright.

Except for those jaded singles who are checking out celebrity death odds at a sportsbook instead.

MyBookie is now offering online gamblers a rather macabre series of “futures” betting lines, asking clientele to pick which celebrity will die sooner. Many of the markets are themed by brand, status or occupation, for instance Donald Trump vs Vladimir Putin.

Carol Burnett and Betty White are locked in one of MyBookie’s morbid races to the mortuary. Each is a comedy trailblazer and a women’s independence icon. With all due respect to the talented and vibrant While, it’s nice to see Burnett’s line having grown as long as 2/1 vs the favored White at 5/6. Bettors are loathe to wager on Burnett’s passing. Her legacy is deeply ingrained into the fabric of American media.

Rosie O’ Donnell (2/3) is favored over Rosanne Barr (11/10) to kick the bucket first. To address the elephant in the room, this betting market is more than a little tinged with political overtones.

Noteworthy political blogger Scott Adams has written that President Trump more-or-less won the 2016 GOP nomination with a single debate answer – his response to Megyn Kelly concerning the foul slurs he had used to attack women in public. Trump said, “only Rosie O’ Donnell,” which elicited laughs from the debate audience. The moment, wrote Adams, proved that Trump had brought a “gun to a knife fight” by showcasing The Donald’s skill at distracting the media whenever desired.

Rosie was already no fan of Trump. But from that moment onward, she became one of his most-notable Hollywood foes.

Meanwhile, Rosanne rebooted her self-titled TV show into an on-air debate between blue-collar Americans who like Trump and neo-liberal millennials who hate him. If that didn’t enrage enough people, her racially-charged humor on social media certainly did.

Finally, MyBookie has pitted several known and accused sex offenders in a death-battle market of shame. Bill Cosby is the odds-on favorite to croak first at (Even) odds, but other candidates in the group include Woody Allen, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roman Polanski, and even Subway Jared at 10/1 odds.

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