MGM Resorts International has released details of its future plans in a new program, entitled MGM 2020, which it hopes will position it for greater growth.  

The plan, which is focused on boosting efficiency and cutting costs, will involve a series of organisational changes, mainly related to job losses, and an increasing level of investment in digital infrastructure, with the aim of producing a boost in profits of $300m in total, made up of $200m by the end of 2020 with an extra $100m predicted by the end of 2021. 

MGM 2020 will take a company-wide approach and will attempt to benefit from centralization, along with investments in technology that it hopes will lead to revenue increases. 

Speaking about the plans, the CEO and Chairman of MGM, Jim Murren, said that the plan represented the next stage of the company’s evolution: 

“MGM 2020 is intended to further transform the way we operate and leverage the most effective operational architecture for our company.” 

The additional proposals outlined in the plan continue the trend towards centralization at MGM, which began several years ago, through its attempt to create centres of excellence. Murren stated that the company aims to reallocate some of its annual capital expenditure budget to the development of technological improvement that will improve the MGM customer experience.  

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