It was reported on Tuesday that center Auston Matthews signed a five year, $58 million deal with the Maple Leafs, the team that drafted him. His rookie contract was set to expire on July 1st, and he was making $925,000 per year. He was drafted number one overall by Toronto in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft. He started his NHL career with a bang that first season, scoring 40 goals that year, including 4 in just his first game (He was the first rookie ever to score 4 in their debut). He was also the only Maple Leaf in the 2017 NHL All-Star Game. 

Regardless of his missing 14 games of the season, Matthews has 46 points on 23 goals and 23 assists. Since Toronto has 67 points on 32 wins and just 17 losses, Toronto obviously believes that Matthews is part of a recipe for success. 

Making Him a Rich Man 

Matthews will be earning a salary of a little over $11.3 million per year. The rest of his pay is through bonuses. According to “The bulk of the money reportedly is in signing bonuses. He will make just $750,000 in salary each of the five years while getting bonuses of $15.2 million, $15.2 million, 9.7 million, 7.2 million and $7.2 million.” 

Toronto Wants a Cup 

The Maple Leafs have made it clear that they are completely in win-now mode. Matthews was a big part of the Toronto team that lost a hard-fought first-round playoff series 4-3 to the Boston Bruins. The Leafs surely believe that this roster is better equipped to win in the playoffs after signing hometown star John Tavares, who has contributed 56 points on 31 goals and 25 assists. 

With Matthews locked up for the next five years and an excellent supporting cast, the Maple Leafs should be a force to be reckoned with for the foreseeable future. 

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