Blockchain-based online gaming has recently been provided with a new cryptocurrency platform that gives developers a unique way to monetize games.

The new digital asset, KIN, developed by popular messenging service Kik, now works in conjunction with the hugely popular Unity online gaming engine. Unity has recently begun supporting the monetization of games within its environment using cryptocurrency, giving players the ability to earn while participating.

The Kin Ecosystem Foundation worked with Kik Messenger to develop the new cryptocurrency last year for the specific purpose of rewardng gamers for social interactions. Unity has recently released a software development kit (SDK) for independent gaming developers to integrate the cryptocurrency into their mobile gaming platforms.

The KIN cryptocurrency can be used to tokenize various interactions within games and provide a method by which users earn cryptocurrency on a digital wallet. KIN is a fork of the highly successful Stellar network and operates on a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) blockchain, similar to that of EOS, to provide incedibly fast and affordable transactions.

The move means a large spectrum of smaller gaming developers will be able to easily monetize their gaming platforms and provide players with new ways to earn cryptocurrency online. The support from Unity promises a huge boost for cryptocurrency adoption within the online gaming sector.

There are already several online gaming apps that utilize the KIN cryptocurrency available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, including Reveald, Kinguist, GoChallenge.Me and Blastchat (iOS).

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