The toughening regulatory environment that is affecting the gambling industry in Europe is being replicated in Africa, as a number of African nations grapple with the issue of gambling regulation, and Kenya is the latest country to introduce tougher rules on gambling advertising. 

The Kenya Betting Control Board, which has overseen gambling in the country since 1966, has launched a range of new restrictions which it says are designed to protect the Kenyan public from the dangers of gambling addiction. 

The new rules, which have been sanctioned by the Ministry of the Interior, were announced in a statement by Liti Wambua, the Acting Director of the Control Board, on April 30. The rules will include an outright ban on all outdoor advertising of gambling services, promotions or products, as well as a ban on social media-based gambling advertising and marketing. In addition, the Control Board will outlaw the use of celebrity endorsement, which is a well-established marketing practice with many gambling companies around the world. 

And television gambling advertisements will also be heavily restricted under the new arrangements. The Board have announced that they intend to enforce a television gambling advertising ban between 06:00 and 22:00, although it is reported that Kenyan betting companies are likely to challenge this ban, which goes much further than similar bans enacted in other countries.  

The Control Board have also stated that in future, any new form of gambling advertising will require approval from the Kenyan authorities, and operators will be obliged to include warnings concerning the dangers of gambling in all of their advertising and marketing materials. And industry operators in the country have been given little time to lodge their protests. According to the Control Board, the new rules will be in place by the end of May. 

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