A new study has found that people who take part in live betting on sporting events display more involvement in watching live sport, but are also more inclined to drink alcohol excessively and to be at risk of problem gambling behaviour. 

The study is the result of a collaboration between Nottingham Trent and Bilbao University and set out to examine what motivates fans to consume sport, and how an emotional attachment to a particular sport affects or increases the desire to gamble.  

A total of 659 Spanish gamblers were surveyed and the results showed that compared to those who didn’t bet live, in-play gamblers reported more problem gambling, more involvement in live sporting events, more use of watching sport to avoid everyday problems or preoccupations and a greater likelihood of consuming alcohol and junk food while watching.  

In-play betting has become hugely popular with sports fans, and some figures show that as much as 59 per cent of wagers in Spain are made in-play. UK bookmaker Bet365 has previously said that in-play betting forms as much as 80 percent of its sportsbook income.  

But while there has been increased public and political concern about the prevalence of in-play betting advertisements, until now there has been no concrete evidence of the influence of live betting on how an individual bets or consumes sports.  

The link between in-play betting and alcohol will be a particular concern for many stakeholders, as alcohol has previously been found to be a contributing factor in gambling addiction. The study also found that problem gamblers had difficulty watching sport without consuming alcohol, and concludes that authorities should take action to protect sports consumers from the dangers of in-play betting.  

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