It’s usually the female members of the community that go crazy when there’s a Royal baby on the way. There’s all the talk about how being pregnant suits her and plenty of talk of course on whether it’ll be a boy or a girl and its name. However, this is something we should all be interested in from a betting viewpoint as there are plenty of odds available on the upcoming baby for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

14/1 at SkyBet on the Baby Being Named Diana

There’s been no official announcement on whether Harry and Megan are expecting a girl or a boy. However, the latest odds on the baby’s name is favouring a baby girl when Meghan gives birth sometime in April.

If the baby is a girl then there will be many who believe the child will be named after Harry’s mother Diana. That name is as short as 6/1 (7.0) at BetVictor but forget that as Diana is 14/1 (15.0) at SkyBet.

Is it all too obvious calling a daughter Diana? Other contenders are Alice which is 13/1 (14.0) at Betfair and Victoria (named after the Queen not the Spice Girl) which can be backed at 14/1 (15.0) at Paddy Power

Charles or Thomas?

What if the baby is a boy? Well, Arthur is 16/1 (17.0) at William Hill. James can be backed at 16/1 (17.0) at Coral and as for Charles that’s 100/1 (101.0) at Betfred but only 16/1 (17.0) at BetVictor. Or perhaps the baby could be called Thomas after Meghan’s father, that’s 66/1 (67.0) at Betfair.

Let’s Call Him Thanos

There are of course some outsiders that would cause a major shock if selected. Jesus is 225/1 (226.0) at Paddy Power. It’s not known if Harry and Megan are fans of The Avengers but at Betfair you can get 275/1 (276.0) on their baby being called either Thanos or Thor!!

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