Game of Thrones is almost back! Television’s most eagerly awaited sequel is due to hit television screens in mid-April with the final season of George R. Martin’s fictional world.

From the off, Game of Thrones delivered a high body count with main characters never spared. Sean Bean met his grisly fate in Season 1 despite being Lord of Winterfell. It was a template which continued through the following six seasons with only Jon Snow’s resurrection bucking the trend. 

Now with Season Eight here, the question is who and how many of the leading men and women will for the chop, some quite literally? 

HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 8 Teaser

The First to Fall… 

It’s hard to see how anyone is favourite to be killed off in what promises to be a major slaughter of the stars!  

Cersei Lannister is 1/50 with Skybet to feel the Grim Reaper’s icy grip on her shoulder but narrowing down the field to those who have a motive to want her dead is tough; it’s hard to find anyone but Jaime who wants her alive. That whole brother-sister thing; it’s the likeliest cause of her downfall.  

In Season Seven, Sansa Stark and Jon Snow pondered who was the most dangerous enemy: Cersei or the Night King? Snow favours the latter, which now he possesses Viseron, one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons, he is on an unstoppable march through Westeros. 

Her brother, lover and protector-in-chief Jaime Lannister is expected to fall, which is hardly surprising given his surname. Season Seven saw him survive the Dothraki hordes and a burst of fire from Drogon, a near-drowning so his crumbling relationship with his sister is his likeliest route to a quick death. BetVictor agree; Jaime is 1/12 to meet his maker. 

One of the early victims is sure to be Euron Greyjoy (1/50 with BetVictor) given his treachery in Season Seven. When last seen, he was bringing the Golden Company to Cersei, which points to him being caught up in a battle with the Night King’s Army of the Dead before long.  

Considering he is a scheming eunuch, Lord Varys, also referred to as the Spider such are the tangled webs he weaves. Loyal to Daenerys, he’s found himself in the forefront of the forces sailing to fight the Night King. The odds suggest he will star in a few episodes but there is a sense of the inevitable at 1/12 with Skybet. 

One of the saddest deaths is surely that of Jorah Mormont, whose unrequited love for Daenerys shows no sign of dimming. It won’t be an easy kill; Jorah survived the greyscale, he is part of the armies who are heading north to fight the good fight. Or most likely, lambs to the slaughter. 

The Dark Knights Rising… 

Emilia Clarke, (Daenerys Targaryen), 2/7 to Perish in Season 8 of GoT

Of the major characters who are no strangers to death’s door, Daenerys Targaryen is well-placed to bite the dust. She likes to go into battle herself, irrespective of the dangers seemingly impervious to the warning of Viseron’s death at the hand of the Night King.  

At 2/7 with Skybet, the chances of her demise amid the politics of Westeros and other regions are strong, particularly since Cersei loathes her. 

Another whose demise would be greeted with some disappointment is Tyrion Lannister (8/13 with Skybet). Frankly, that he’s made it this far is something of a miracle with his machinations, dalliances and ill-judged alliances seemingly set to kill him at the dinner table before he even went out into the wide world. 

Jaime’s demise would almost certainly see Tyrion follow suit given his brother was one of the few who had any semblance of the time of day for him. And likely, if he opens his mouth about seeing Jon Stark and Daenerys Targaryen’s illicit liaison, he’ll find his neck a lot closer to the ground than before. 

Stark Raving Bonkers 

Which brings us to the final trio of powerbrokers: the Starks. Bran Stark (9/4 with BetVictor) may incur Jon Snow’s wrath should he break the news of his familial relationship with Daenerys but more likely the Night King who knows of Bran’s powers, will be eyeing up Bran in his steely blue gaze. 

Sophie Turner AKA Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark (1/2 with BetVictor) is expected to find a deathly pallor as part of her make-up routine during the coming six episodes. To be honest, most are surprised it hasn’t happened before given the treachery which unfolded around her, starting with her lunatic husband.  

Given her successes as an assassin, there’s little prospect of Arya Stark (11/4) of dying but is that complacency grounds for her demise? She and Sansa formed an alliance at the end of the last season, based on a pack mentality; all for one and one for all may yet be their best chance of survival. 

And Jon Snow? Having been resurrected, he survived considerably longer than a biblical three days. The Night King awaits yet there’s a sense that their destinies are intertwined and will certainly last into the two rumoured feature films. At 2/1 with BetVictor, Snow’s chances of survival are strong and with the tantalising prospect of an Academy Award, Kit Harrington might be miffed if he finds his path to the graveyard marked out. 

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