Digital marketing services provider is aiming to expand its presence in the US market and the company is hoping its listing on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange will give it a platform in the growing betting market across the Atlantic.  

On Tuesday, the company was given permission to list on the exchange and they announced a listing of £14.2 million in secured notes. The bonds were previously traded over the counter following their issuing in October, while waited for approval to list from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. The bonds have a fixed interest rate will mature on October 22, 2021.  

Commenting on the listing, the Chief Executive of the Group, Charles Gillespie, said that it would enable the company to broaden its investment appeal: 

“By listing the bonds on Nasdaq, the securities become standardised and can appeal to a broader range of investors.” 

The company also has the potential to issue a further £9 million worth of bonds, although it has no plans to do so at present. But the bond listing will secure considerable funding for the company, giving it more freedom to focus on operational expansion in the US.  

Last week, the Group announced a relaunch of, nine months after they purchased it. The site has been designed to be a US-facing service providing a range of tips, reviews and news to US betting customers. is one of several betting affiliates, including Catena Media, BettingExpert and RakeTech, that have been making moves to enter the UK market.  

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