Nigel Farage’s newly created Brexit Party is line for a big win in next week’s European elections, according to the bookmakers. 

The Brexit Party, which was founded in November last year, at the time that UK Primer Minister Theresa May brought forward her proposed Brexit deal, is on course to hold the most European Parliament seats after the election, taking most of the seats currently held by the UK Independence Party (UKIP), which was once led by Farage, and adding additional MEPs. 

According to some predictions the Brexit Party, which is part of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy in the European Parliament, is on course to win 29 of the UK’s 60 seats, with the Labour Party set to win around 18 seats. The polls suggest that the Liberal Democrats, who have emerged as the main voting option for those opposed to Brexit, are likely to see a significant boost to their European Parliament representation, winning as many as seven seats. 

According to the poll, the big losers next week could be UKIP, which could end up without any seats at all by the time the votes are counted, and the Conservatives, who have been haemorrhaging votes to the Brexit Party and could be in line to lose up to eight of their current eighteen seats. 

Not surprisingly, the bookmakers have been steadily cutting the odds of a Brexit Party win and if you want to back Farage’s party to top the polls next week, you will be betting at odds of 1/33 or even shorter, with the Liberal Democrats the second favourites at 1/20 and the Labour Party in third place in the betting at around 25/1. The Conservatives, meanwhile, who are bracing themselves for another bad election night, are available at a three-figure price. 

Could anything happen to derail the Brexit juggernaut? Despite his own tendency to make the occasional gaffe, Farage’s party seem to be maintaining a level of electoral discipline that was rarely apparent with UKIP, whose decision this time round to promote controversial far-right figures appears to be backfiring. And with millions of Leave voters apparently using the Brexit Party as a vehicle to express their frustration, their election lead appears to be solid.   

Published by Andie Hughes

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