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EU Seeks Stronger Gambling Framework 

The European Union is seeking a stronger reporting framework covering all gambling in European Union member states, and has appointed an advisor to the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC), Peter Naessens, to lead the wide-ranging project 

The work has been requested by the European Committee For Standardisation (CEN), which wants to develop a standardized system of reporting that covers all licensed gambling operators, in order to give regulators better data to help protect consumers and ensure transparency.  

CEN also believes that a standardised reporting framework will help to keep gambling fair, and make it easier for regulators to detect and prevent both fraud and sports integrity issues.  

The new framework would replace the existing system in which the regulators that oversee the gambling industry in the EU’s separate jurisdictions gather different types of information and require operators to submit reports according to local requirements.  

Voluntary basis 

Speaking about the project, Naessens said that the aim was not to create uniform regulatory standards throughout the European Union. Instead, he hoped that the standards that emerged from the work he was doing would be used on a voluntary basis by member states. He also outlined the steps that his team will be taking in developing those standards: 

We will start from scratch, trying to find a good structure and scope of application, and after that will address the standard or set of standards itself.” 

The EU opted to have Naessens lead the project rather than the European Managing Director of the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) Mark Pace. But the GSA, which has already devised its own international reporting standard, is likely to continue to be involved in the project.  

In working on the standards, Naessens will collaborate with gambling regulators from a variety of jurisdictions, along with operators and industry bodies. The project is also being overseen by Technical Committee 456 of CEN, chaired by Claire Pinson, of the French regulator ARJEL. 

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