European gambling industry organisation the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has repeated its support for a Europe-wide set of rules governing the online gambling sector. 

The reiteration of the EGBA position follows the presentation of evidence to the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee of the European Parliament. 

The EGBA believes that a cross-border regulatory structure covering online betting would be a significant upgrade on the current system under which each national state sets its own rules and would also produce significant savings. 

The EU is currently evaluating the success of ‘Digital-Single-Market (DSM)’ regulations and the potential benefits of extending policies in this area, and the EGBA believes that incorporating online gambling into the DSM rules could produce up to £5 billion in welfare and consumer benefits. 

Five years ago the European Commission recommended greater consistency in consumer protection measures for the online gambling industry, but their recommendations have so far only been adopted by one EU member state, and the EGBA has said that the existence of 28 separate sets of gambling regulations had created barriers in the industry. 

The EGBA has also expressed the belief that some enforcement tools, including payment blocking, could be counterproductive as they may push players to use gambling operators outside the EU. 

Speaking about the benefits of introducing a Europe-wide regulatory framework, the secretary general of the EGBA, Maarten Haijer, said that it would benefit the 12 million European online gamblers:

“Introducing a single set of rules for online betting in the EU makes perfect sense – it would improve the regulation of the sector, save significant money for both consumers and companies and help better protect consumers.”

Published by Andie Hughes

Based in England, Andie Hughes is a freelance betting writer with over a decade of experience in the industry. Andie has written for ESPN, Betfair, Sporting Life, and Boylesports, and can be contacted at

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