For punters who focus on the speciality markets, it’s never too early to start weighing up Oscars contenders, and although the 2020 Academy Awards is still ten months away, the betting market for the Best Picture prize is already attracting plenty of action, as bookmakers attempt to weigh up a wide variety of movies, most of which haven’t yet seen the light of day, for their Oscars potential. 

And as twenty-first century trend for super hero and comic-inspired movies shows no sign of slowing down, several titles in the genre have earned a quote in the Best Picture betting, including Hellboywhich is rated as a 60/1 longshot by Irish bookmaker Paddy Power. 

The movie is the sequel to Hellboy: The Golden Army (2008) and the original of the series, Hellboy (2004), with the role of the main character, previously played by Ron Perlman, taken by David Harbour, who is most famous for his performance in Netflix series Stranger Things. A cast that also stars Ian McShane and Mila Jovovich suggests that the movie has the sort of critic-pleasing potential that would enable it to transcend the limitations of its genre. 

Despite the considerable contribution of comic-inspired movies to the history of cinema, none has ever come close to winning the Best Picture award, and even the best entrants in the canon appear to be up against a historical barrier. And unfortunately for those associated with Hellboy, audiences and critics alike have been unimpressed. Released on April 12, by April 16, it had taken only $23.3 million, and had been widely criticised for what is perceived to be a confused plot and over-reliance on gore. 

And up against the likes of Martin Scorcese’s The Irishman, which is the current 3/1 favourite for the Best Picture award, and Steven Soderbergh’s heavyweight political thriller The Laundromat (4/1), it’s hard to see punters risking their money on Hellboy collecting on their investment next February. 

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