There are many prop markets floating around for Sunday evening’s Super Bowl LIII between the L.A. Rams and New England Patriots. Serious in-game propositions like “Who Will Win the Super Bowl MVP Award” are listed next to total groaners like the coin-toss bet and the color of the winning skipper’s Gatorade bath.

A Super Bowl prop genre neglected by too many online handicappers is the cross-sport props. Using various NCAA, NBA and NHL contests taking place on Sunday, oddsmakers are pitting the Rams and Patriots in competition with teams in other sports and even entire leagues.

Bovada Sportsbook’s cross-sport props are posed in “moneyline” form with each side given payout odds as if they were opposing clubs. But the betting site’s creativity stands out in which stat-total comparison is pegged to determine the winner and loser of each outcome.

To bet on a cross-sport prop, just pick a side as if you were choosing the straight-up winner of a game.

Here’s a sample of Sunday’s cross-sport props available at Bovada Sportsbook including’s lean on each market. If Bovada isn’t your book, look on your site’s betting boards for cross-sport proposition bets on the Super Bowl.

Total Goals in the NHL on 2/3 (-110) vs Rushing Attempts for Sony Michel (-130)

Unless the Pats decide to go to the I-formation power game that they flashed often in 2017-18, it’s likely that RB Sony Michel’s carries will be under 15 even if his total touches are close to 20. Meanwhile there are 3 National Hockey League face-offs on Sunday. Lean: Total NHL Goals

Shots on Goal for Connor McDavid (-140) vs Number of Field Goals Made in Super Bowl LIII (Even)

There are likely to be a few field goals in the Super Bowl, but it won’t be a trey-fest with a pair of excellent Red Zone offenses and head coaches who gamble on 4th down.

McDavid likes to skate, pass, and create, and doesn’t always take a ton of shots. But his Edmonton Oilers are up against the Montreal Canadians on Sunday, and any son of a Maple Leaf knows to shoot first and ask questions later in a rivalry clash. Lean: Shots on Goal for The Chosen One

Toronto Raptors Point Total vs LAC (+115) vs L.A. Rams Total Rush Yards (-155)

The Raptors are a solid offensive basketball team. In fact, when the club scored only 92 points against the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday 1/31 it was the first time in 2019 that Toronto was held under 100. The L.A. Clippers are unlikely to hold the Canadian club to less than a bill on Sunday night.

Consistent scoring above 100 points would certainly seem to benefit the cagers in this little contest, since NFL teams are often held under 100 rushing yards for a game. However, the reason that L.A.’s payoff odds are so short compared to Toronto’s is likely that whichever way the Super Bowl turns out, the Rams are likely to find daylight in the running game. If the Patriots go ahead by 2-3 touchdowns, then they’ll be content to let Los Angeles have all of the 3rd quarter yards it wants on the ground, hoping to harass QB Jared Goff into a mistake when he gets impatient for lack of time remaining. That could lead to a 120+ yard rushing total.

Or, if the Mountain Goats lead substantially by halftime, expect Sean McVay’s dual play-callers to take the air out of the pigskin and let Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson carry the rest of the night. Lean: Rams Rush Total

Kawhi Leonard Points (-120) vs L.A. Rams Total Points (-120)

Remember that cold number-crunching is used to set far more betting lines than any other methodology.

Kawhi Leonard of the Raptors is averaging just over 27 points per game in the NBA. Super Bowl LIII is taking action at a (56.5) point total and a (-2.5) point spread on the favored Pats, meaning that the Vegas lines predict a final score of 29-27 or 30-27 with the Rams coming up short of a Lombardi Trophy.

27 points? That sounds familiar.

Bovada has things pretty precisely lined up on the Sunday morning/afternoon before the Super Bowl. But as always, the best-laid plans will go to waste once the game begins and makes fools of us all. Lean: None

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