James Bond is a character that is no stranger to adventure. He’s battled villains for decades now and performed one amazing daredevil feat after another. With the talk being that the next movie is to be the last starring Daniel Craig, how about replacing him with someone who has the perfect credentials to play the role? Someone perhaps like former special forces soldier and adventurer, Ant Middleton. What he lacks in acting experience, he more than makes up for with the knowledge of being someone who has faced death on a daily basis.

Middleton to the Rescue

Ant Middleton has the kind of record that James Bond would be proud of. He’s a former commando, a former member of the Parachute Regiment and member of the Special Boat Service. Whether any of those boats were also cars isn’t known. Since leaving the armed forces, he’s made his name on television shows such as ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ and ‘Mutiny.’ Last year saw his autobiography ‘First Man In: Leading from the Front’ published. Despite his busy schedule, he also managed to fit in climbing Mount Everest!

His busy life continues with his ‘Mind over Muscle’ UK tour but could he be the next James Bond? He was recently asked on Twitter about the odds of him taking over from Daniel Craig and gave this reply: “Don’t place that bet just now.” An interesting answer as he didn’t just flatly deny there was any chance of him getting the role.

It’d certainly be interesting if he did get the part. Perhaps not such good news for stuntmen though, who might just see themselves out of a job as the fearless Middleton takes over. He played the captain in ‘Mutiny’ and even if he lacks acting experience, it wouldn’t be the first time an inexperienced actor has played the role. George Lazenby was best known for a chocolate advert before taking over from Sean Connery.

With ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ continuing to be a popular series and his national tour, Ant Middleton is only going to grow in popularity. It may well be that the Bond franchise looks for something a bit different for the next actor to play the role. Someone who knows just what it’s like to be a hero, rather than just playing one, would be an exciting direction to take.

If you fancy a bet on Ant being named as the next James Bond, Ladbrokes will give you odds of 200/1 (201.0). That’s the same odds as other candidates such as David Beckham and even Helen Mirren. However, it’s much better than the 500/1 (501.0) at Ladbrokes on Jeremy Corbyn landing the job. With the new Bond not needed until at least 2021, there’s plenty of time for those odds to change.

The beard might have to go though if he does become the next 007. Mind you, Bond did have a beard in ‘Die Another Day,’ though he had been in a North Korean military prison. On release he couldn’t wait to get rid of the beard but a more rugged Bond wouldn’t be a bad thing would it?

From Freddie to Bond?

There are plenty of other candidates to take over from Daniel Craig. One is the 2019 Oscar winner Rami Malek. He’s only 8/1 (9.0) to be named as the next 007 and his Best Actor Oscar isn’t going to do his chances any harm. Ok, it’s a bit of a change from playing the flamboyant Freddie Mercury and his next role is even stranger. He’s playing the voice of the monkey ‘Chee Chee’ in ‘The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle.’ However, it’s rumoured he might be the main villain in the next Bond movie, so that might just scupper his chances of becoming Bond in the future.

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