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Coronation Street Betting Special: Gina Seddon Bookies Favourite to Kick the Bucket

It’s a bit like Easter; you know it’s coming but you aren’t quite sure when. Underworld collapses in the next few weeks; the bottom isn’t falling out of the knickers market, but the building is set to take a tumble. 

The factory first saw the light of day in 1998 as Underworld, having begun life as Baldwin’s Casuals back in the day. Twenty-one years later, it is coming crashing down to earth taking, according to the show’s producers, a “major character” with it. 

Fans knew the time was coming since it was announced last year but now the end is near, who will face the final curtain? 

Who Dies? 

Gina Seddon 

The favourite to be killed off is Gina Seddon. Yes, the 40/1 shot to bring the factory down is the likeliest victim. It wouldn’t be a surprise; after all, the most common cause of death for suicide bombers is to blow themselves up before they reach their target. What’s to say the factory machinist did do the same at Underworld?  

It’s not as if she doesn’t have a good reason to bring the world crashing down around her. Everyone hates her. In her relatively short Corrie stint, she’s broken up Sally and Tim’s nuptials, sold her sister down the river at her trial and made friends with Duncan. Everyone on the street thought she was a tea-leaf and frankly, the social media reaction makes it look like nobody is going to miss her. 

Rana Habeeb 

What we do know is that actress Bhavna Limbachia is leaving the street this year so what more permanent way to go out than submerged under several hundredweight of bricks, mortar, concrete and slate? 

The storyline fits given she’s a nurse; maybe her bravery in entering the collapsing building  

Roy Cropper 

Why not? He’s reeling from the death of his mother Sylvia and so far, was responsible for the fire on the boat and subsequent damage to the factory roof. Does he come a cropper as a result of his own endeavours? 

Call Poirot, We Need To Know Whodunit! 

Carla Connor 

The first place to look is always the one with most to gain, in this case, Underworld owner Carla Connor. Never one to make a crisis when there is a full-blown drama to be had, she’d pocket the insurance money if the business suffered a catastrophic blow and then be able to redevelop the property as flats to make a huge profit. It’s a TV way of thinking, eh? 

Nick Tilsley 

So far, Corrie’s answer to Nasty Nick nicked 80 grand from Grannie Audrey while letting Lewis Archer take the blame. As a former owner of Underworld, he has plenty of motive to let it all go south. A sweet smell of revenge…? 

Gary Windass 

Life is tough for the builder, so much so he’s taken to overcharging customers including his own neighbours. He’s moonlighting as an enforcer for loan shark Rick Neelan; is a dodgy loan going to be the factory’s downfall? Windass did, after all, do the repairs after the boat fire. He’d certainly know his way around the roof while it was still up as well as making a packet once it’s come down. 

Full List of Odds for the Villain of the Piece 

Gary Windass 3/1 
Carla Connor 5/1 
Nick Tilsley 11/2 
Simon Barlow 7/1 
Seb Franklin 15/2 
Peter Barlow 12/1 
Tyler Jefferies 12/1 
Abi Franklin 25/1 
Daniel Osbourne 25/1 
Paul Winter 25/1 
Gina Seddon 40/1 
Shona Ramsey 40/1 
David Platt 50/1 
Gemma Winter 50/1 
Alya Nazir 66/1 
Billy Mayhew 66/1 
Tracy Barlow 66/1 
Jenny Connor 80/1 
Sally Metcalfe 80/1 
Steve McDonald 100/1 
Craig Tinker 125/1 
Kevin Webster 125/1 
Roy Cropper 125/1 
Sarah Platt 125/1 
Beth Tinker 150/1 
Bethany Platt 150/1 
Chesney Brown 150/1 
Clayton Ramsey 150/1 
Gail McIntyre 150/1 
Jonny Connor 150/1 
Kirk Sutherland 150/1 
Leanne Battersby 150/1 
Robert Preston 150/1 
Sean Tully 150/1 
Tim Metcalfe 150/1 
Amy Barlow 200/1 
Brian Packham 200/1 
Dev Alahan 200/1 
Eileen Grimshaw 200/1 
Michelle Connor 200/1 
Tyrone Dobbs 200/1 
Audrey Roberts 250/1 
Izzy Armstrong 250/1 
Ken Barlow 250/1 
Maria Connor 250/1 
Mary Taylor 250/1 
Norris Cole 250/1 
Rita Sullivan 250/1 
Sophie Webster 250/1 
Todd Grimshaw 250/1 
Yasmeen Nazir 250/1 

Odds courtesy of Skybet.com 

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