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Cookie Policy

Bettingreporter.com uses cookies, as do most commercial websites. This policy outlines their use on our Site.

What are Cookies? 

When you use a website, tiny files are downloaded onto your computer that collect and hold small amounts of data. These files are called “cookies” and are designed to give you a better online experience. Cookies are used to tailor information to include features or content that you might be particularly interested in.  They also hold items like usernames so that you don’t have to re-enter then every time you re-visit a site. 

Can Cookies be Disabled?

You can disable cookies and stop them from storing information on your computer by adjusting your settings. If you do decide to disable cookies, however, you may also be disabling other functions on our site. That could mean losing important features or services, which is why we always recommend allowing the use of cookies when accessing bettingreporter.com. 

How We Use Cookies

Cookies remember your preferences so that you will always have the same tailored experience when using our Site. They will also remember some of the information you filled out when you registered with us or posted a comment. If you participate in a survey, we will use cookies to ensure that you don’t keep being asked to fill out a form that you’ve already completed.

Most importantly, we use cookies to give you a better experience when you’re using bettingreporter.com.  We want our Site to be informative, easy to use, and relevant to your interests – and that’s what the use of cookies helps us achieve.

Third Party Cookies

Google Analytics is a critical tool that helps us continue to improve bettingreporter.com. Cookies are used to provide base data like how many people are using our site, which articles are being read, and which don’t appear to be relevant. We use that information to provide more of what our readers want to see on our Site, and less of what they don’t. 

We also use cookies to track whether the improvements we make are working. If we’re trying to fix a problem and the tweak doesn’t seem to be doing its job, we need to know about it. 

Although we do include third-party advertising on our Site, we don’t want to drown you in irrelevant ads. Cookies help us monitor purchases so that we can tailor our marketing to products that you’re actually interested in.  We use Google AdSense to cut down on the number of times you’re shown the same advertisement and to make our content more in-line with your viewing history. 

Cookies also enable the social media buttons on our site to connect you with your network. Those social media tools also have their own cookie and privacy policies which govern how they use and store data. You can check with each site for more information. 

Please contact us if your have additional questions or concerns about our use of cookies. Be sure to read our privacy policy if you want to learn more about how we use the personal data we collect.

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