Kareem Hunt, who was cut by the Kansas City Chiefs after videos of him assaulting a young woman were made public, finally found a new home in the league. He will now feature in the backfield of the Cleveland Browns. Browns GM John Dorsey released a written statement regarding the signing. 

“We fully understand and respect the complexity of questions and issues in signing a player with Kareem’s history and do not condone his actions. Given what we know about Kareem through our extensive research, we believe he deserves a second chance, but certainly with the understanding that he has to go through critical and essential steps to become a performing member of this organization, aside from what the NFL determines from their ongoing investigation. Here at the Browns, there is a detailed plan with expectations laid out that he understands and must follow, because any similar incident will not be tolerated,” Dorsey said. “We will support Kareem through this process and utilize our resources, however permitted, to help him become successful on and off the field as long as he continues to show the commitment necessary to represent this organization.” 

On Roster; but Not Eligibl

Now that he has been signed by a team, Hunt is now back on the commissioner’s exempt list pending the completion of a league investigation into the aforementioned incident. 

Before all of this happened, Hunt was a young, sensational, athletic running back. He was widely regarded as having sky-high potential. His abilities, combined with those of Chiefs’ Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and wide receivers including Tyreek Hill, made the Chiefs a juggernaut in the AFC. Unfortunately, the young up-and-coming team ran into the New England Patriots and could not stop Tom Brady and company. 

It is still unclear when and if Hunt will see the field moving forward. The NFL has said that they will reach an end to their investigation in a timely manner. However, logic dictates that some sort of lengthy suspension (combined with a substantial fine) will be in order. The NFL certainly doesn’t need any more black eyes on their reputation. 

What it Means for Browns 

Regardless of the concerns that Hunt may not make an immediate impact on the Browns, he will still change the team. Barring a season-long suspension, if the Browns are able to make a playoff run (which they looked entirely capable of last year), having Hunt in the backfield along with Baker Mayfield will certainly make them dangerous, and they may be a dark horse value bet for some of the more speculative bettors. 

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