On Sunday morning the Chicago Sun-Times released interviews with several candidates for the city’s Board of Aldermen. Like any politicians, they disagree about a number of issues, including crime, commerce and public projects in the Windy City.

But there’s one issue all seem to be in agreement on – the benefits of a Chicago casino.

Chicago is surrounded by gambling casinos. But the city proper doesn’t have a gaming facility to call its own, something that mayor Rahm Emanuel addressed in December. “If we’re going to lose that money, then why don’t we bring this economic asset to a part of the city that doesn’t have it?” Emanuel told reporters, referring to the Hammond Horseshoe Casino just over the Illinois-Indiana border. “Create a scenario where we get those jobs and capture people about 4 miles before they get to Hammond.”

New candidates for leadership chairs throughout the city agree. One by one, the perspective aldermen quoted in Sunday’s newspaper voiced their support for “a Chicago casino.”

“The City of Chicago continues to need new revenue to address unfunded pension liability and providing needed city services,” said 48th Ward candidate Harry Osterman in one typical remark. “I support a new city-owned Chicago casino and the creation of a city-owned sports gambling venue.”

Little consensus has formed on the land that will be used for the Chicago casino project, but Emanuel has pointed to a location near the Bishop Ford Freeway, currently home to the Harborside International golf course.

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