Only Ireland and Sweden have won the Eurovision Song Contest more times than the United Kingdom. However, it’s 22 years since the last success and that’s the only win since 1981. Can the UK finally win this year or will it be another dismal performance?

Last Friday (8 February), the UK chose its entry for this year’s contest in Israel. It’s being held in Tel Aviv after Netta’s win last year that showed impersonating a chicken can bring dividends. This year, Russia are the favourites and are 4/1 (5.0) with Coral.


The UK will be represented by 21-year-old Michael Rice. Who? Well he’s a former ‘X-Factor ‘ contestant and the winner of the BBC series ‘All Together Now.’ He’ll be singing ‘Bigger Than Us’ but has he got a chance?

The current odds don’t indicate that he’s going to be a challenger let alone a winner. He’s 66/1 (67.0) to win the Eurovision Song Contest. The lack of enthusiasm isn’t a shock considering the UK’s recent record.

From Success to Failure

From the late 1950s to 1986, only once did the UK finish outside of the top ten. There was some more high finishes in the 90s including the big win for Katrina and the Waves in 1997 but it’s been going downhill since then.

Three times in the last four years, the UK have finished a lowly 24th. They automatically qualify for the final because of their financial input. If that wasn’t the case, chances are we’d never get through the semi-final.

The new voting system hasn’t worked in our favour and with all this Brexit nonsense, the UK aren’t that popular. While the UK are at long odds to win Eurovision, Paddy Power have another interesting market.

Will We Take Part?

It’s only 11/1 with the Irish bookmakers (12.0) that Brexit causes the UK to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest this year. There’s a few people who would have that at the top of any Brexit withdrawal agreement.

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