The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy declared Television the Drug of the Nation. For 62 glorious episodes over five years, drugs were the nation’s television as Breaking Bad provided irresistible viewing.  

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s adventures in the production of Crystal Meth broke the rules on the screen and in the way television thought about its’ product.  

Breaking Bad is in the same bracket as The Wire and The Sopranos for cultural impact. The latter pair never made it to Hollywood, but a movie version of BB is set to hit the tv screens via AMC and Netflix. 

And It Will Premiere In? 

Whether it will be this year is another matter. The odds are both 83/100 for Breaking Bad to screen before 31st December 2019 and miss that deadline. Nobody really knows whether that will happen at present but as Walter observed, “We’re done when I say we’re done.” 

The Plot Thickens 

What little is in the public domain tells us essentially that the film is a sequel to the final series rather than being close to Better Call Saul, the prequel. The basic theme is “the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom”.  

So, which of the characters will appear in the movie? 

Walter White 

The television series ended pretty conclusively for Walter: death. Unless there is some way to convince us that it was a dream or that Mr White is, in fact, Lazarus, Bryan Cranston isn’t set for a lead role in the film.  

His family blamed him for brother-in-law Hank’s death, and everything went belly up from thereon. But not before Walter has his revenge; freeing Jessie after killing Lydia and the Aryan Brotherhood with a jury-rigged M60 machine gun.  

You had to be there. Or not if you were one of the neo-Nazis. Walt dies after being hit by machine gun fire. 

However, that’s not to stop Walter reappearing in flashbacks to either events in the series or beforehand. It’s inconceivable that Heisenberg won’t appear at some point. It’s 2/25 for Walter White to appear in the film, 6/1 that he won’t.  

Jessie Pinkman 

More lives than the luckiest cat on earth, Jessie was last seen driving to freedom following Walt’s handiwork. Jessie was supposed to be killed off in the first series, but Aaron Paul convinced Gilligan otherwise. In the end, Jessie outlasted everyone.  

And it’s no stretch of the imagination to work out that he is the “kidnapped man” the show’s creator referred to. With Jessie as the central character of the movie, is this offering us the tantalising prospect of a new strand of the Breaking Bad universe? A teaser for a new series? 

That presumes Jessie survives. Currently, Pinkman to die is 3/2 and 1/2 to survive and the outcome goes a long way to telling us the future of Breaking Bad. Is there life beyond Better Call Saul

Saul Goodman 

Which is as good a time as any to wonder when not if Saul Goodman appears. The crooked lawyer held his own with Better Call Saul as the prequel after shipping out to Nebraska in Breaking Bad.  

Given he was Pinkman and White’s lawyer in the series, it’s almost inconceivable that Goodman won’t appear in the film one way or another. Indeed, it is 1/5 that the film will feature Saul Goodman with 3/1 that he isn’t

With Walt’s estate to resolve – Gray Matter, for example – is this the angle for the plotline to follow? If we want to know, should we call Saul to find out? 

Pollos Hermanos 

With Gus Fring’s death in series 4, Pollos Hermanos race seems to be run but given the Cartel’s relationship with the fast-food chain owner before his demise, the business seems unlikely to die out.  

Would that mean a reprise for the best fried chicken in town? Maybe, but most likely it is going to be as a nod to the series. The odds of it happening are almost evenly split with 1/2 that Pollos Hermanos features and 3/2 that the past is ignored.  

This is Breaking Bad; is the past a slate which is really to be wiped clean? 

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