President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection bid began in earnest with a rally in El Paso, Texas earlier this month. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker and several other Democrats have thrown their hats into the ring. Former Vice President Joe Biden has all but announced his intentions to run. Howard Schultz is considering throwing half of the Starbucks fortune into an independent bid.

In other words, we’ve finally got ourselves a horse race.

At first glance the 2020 Presidential futures odds at Bovada Sportsbook appear to be overvaluing Trump as a candidate while undervaluing the Republican Party’s chances to band together and beat the Dems again. 45 is a 2/1 odds-on favorite in Bovada’s main election market, but a separate Republican vs Democrat prop on the winning 2020 party casts The Donald as a 6/5 underdog compared to 2/3 for the opposition.

Consider the numbers for another moment, and it’s actually the other way around. If Trump is really 2/1 to win another term as POTUS, then the Republican Party should have a similar line to win the election. There is very, very little chance that Trump will not be the party’s nominee.

Perhaps different pools of bettors are gambling on each market. Partisan supporters on either side wouldn’t be caught dead wagering for the opposing “team,” especially in the highly-polarized arena that American politics have become in the Trump era.

The only exception would be those gamblers who like to wager against the outcome they’re cheering for, so as to win cash as a consolation prize should things go another way. But those types of bets are most often placed by sports enthusiasts on the week of an important match, not speculators who invest in futures markets that aren’t set to pay off for months or years.

It’s also worth mentioning that almost the entire main betting board is filled with Democrats and independents, since Trump’s presence as the incumbent is a prohibitive hurdle for any GOP hopefuls.

Kamala Harris enjoys the shortest futures line-to-win of any Democrat at 5/1, while Beto O’ Rourke and Biden are tied at 8/1.

Those odds could change in a hurry if and when Biden makes his expected announcement.

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