A new sports betting market has been launched in the US, which offers players the chance to trade live sporting events.  

On Friday, BallStreet Trading unveiled its real time prediction market, that is being billed as a peer-to-peer marketplace, set up on a tournament basis, thereby eliminating the traditional house versus punter model in favour of a trader versus trader approach.  

BallStreet CEO San Emeterio, who has 15 years’ experience in the investment banking industry, said that the new product was aimed at the ordinary fan and had huge potential: 

“BallStreet will dramatically change the way fans consume and experience conventional fantasy sports and sports betting. The way fans engage with sports has so much room for growth. There have been other market concepts but they didn’t seem to consider the everyday fan.” 

The market structure is designed to be simple enough to allow players of any level of experience to take part. Game play will be totally interactive, and players will have to spot trends and factor in crucial information, including injuries, time left on the clock and in-game stats. Players will have the choice of playing for real money or in free mode, via both iOS and Android devices, and the new markets will begin immediately, with the upcoming NFL play-offs.  

And San Emeterio says that he believes that as the US sports betting market develops, new concepts such as BallStreet will transform the traditional betting model.  

Published by Marcus Holland

Marcus Holland is a professional betting and financial trading writer. He has been published on various leading websites including The Street, Investing.com, Wagered.com, and Futures Mag. You can contact Marcus at marcus@bettingreporter.com.

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