The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has found in favour of the Health Lottery over a complaint about one of the company’s recent television advertisements.  

The ad under dispute centres on a man who discovers a £1 coin in his armchair. The man enters a grocery store and buys a Health Lottery ticket, while a voice over points out that while £1 ‘won’t buy you much these days’ there are more chances to win on the Health Lottery. The ad continues to show the man dreaming about what he could buy if he won the lottery.  

One complaint challenged the ad on social responsibility grounds, saying that it was implying that money was better spent on a lottery ticket than on essential food items.  

In response to the complaint, the Health Lottery said that they ad was designed to highlight how an individual might want to spend an unexpected windfall, and that the references a loaf of bread and to milk were aiming to illustrate the low coast of a Health Lottery ticket. The company also denied that there was any implication that people should opt for lottery gambling over buying food.  

In its ruling, the ASA agreed with the Health Lottery, emphasising that the individual had found the £1 coin and was not using money from his household budget. It also agreed with the Health Lottery that the household food items in the ad were there to emphasise the cost of the ticket. In conclusion, the ASA found that the ad was not irresponsible and was not in breach of advertising rules.  

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