Yesterday saw two votes inacted from the Democrats and President Trump to attempt to end the U.S. government shutdown.

The Democrats voted to end the government shutdown with no funding for the Mexican border wall, while Trump put forward his plan to fund the wall. The Democrats position received 52 positive votes against only 44 negatives but unfortunately, did not receive the required 60 to pass legislation.  

Despite a perceived lack of support for the wall across both parties, most Republicans loyally backed their leaders plan and gave Trump a 50-47 majority in favor of his plan. Again, it was not enough to pass legislation, leaving both plans unsuccessful.

However, the results do indicate decreasing favor for Trump and his border wall plans amidst the longest government shutdown in history. In the vote for the Democrats plan to not fund the wall, six Republican senators voted AGAINST Trump. These included 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney, as well as Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, Lamar Alexander, Lisa Murkowski, and Johnny Isakson.

While yesterday brought no conclusive result, the dissent could indicate the beginning of the end of the government shutdown (and eventually Trump’s presidency) as more and more of his own party turn against him.

With each day the shutdown continues, Trump’s odds to win the 2020 Presidential Election continue to slide, with U.S. betting sites Bovada and BetOnline now giving him only +200 (33%) odds, down from +120 (45%) earlier this week.

In the UK, top bookies including Bet365, Ladbroke and Paddy Power have the president at 2/1 to win. William Hill and Bet Victor are offering slightly higher 7/4 odds.

Prediction market PredictIt still have Trump at a 30 percent chance to win, with Democratic party hopeful Kamala Harris moving up 1 percent to a 17 percent chance.

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