11/4 Odds Braun Strowman Wins WWE Men’s Royal Rumble

The Road to WrestleMania 35 begins with WWE’s Royal Rumble on Sunday January 27. The winner of the Men’s Royal Rumble will receive a title shot in April on the biggest show of the year. Could Braun Strowman be the winner?

Oops Wrong Limo

Strowman was due to be challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Title on this show, a rematch from the Crown Jewel PPV held last year. However, he mistakenly attacked a limo believing it to belong to his arch-rival of the week Baron Corbin. It turned out to belong to WWE boss Mr McMahon, who wasn’t overjoyed at seeing the door of his limo on the floor.  He stripped Strowman of his title shot but could he have the last laugh?

Well that’s the storyline, the truth is Strowman has had elbow surgery in recent months and it wasn’t certain he’d be fit for the match. The Royal Rumble is a different affair though as he could easily win the match without having to do a great deal.

30 Men Battle It Out

The Royal Rumble sees 30 men enter the ring, two to start with and then one-by-one more enter one at a time every minute. To be eliminated you must be thrown over the top rope and have both feet touch the ground.

It’s one of the most important matches of the year as it determines one of the key matches at WreslleMania where WWE make an absolute fortune. Strowman has been in title contention for a fair while and sooner or later he is going to win either the Universal Title or the WWE Title.

‘The Beast Among Men’ as he’s known must be a leading contender to win the Royal Rumble. He’s been a leading contender since 2017 and won the Money in the Bank Ladder match last year but failed to convert that into a title win. It’s 11/4 Strowman wins the Royal Rumble to get another title shot.

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